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Installing a LAMP server on Ubuntu Desktop 12.04

So I am developing PHP code and my OS of choice for my workstation is Ubuntu Desktop. Currently, I am running the Long Term Support version 12.04. To develop and test my code I need a LAMP server . There are two ways to go about installing a LAMP development server : Install XAMPP for Linux from Install AMP as you already got the L for Linux! In my view, XAMPP is really only suitable for development environments, although it is possible to make it a secure installation. Still, it will always be an Apache distro running on top of an OS and the integration with the OS can only go so far. And that is also how it was intended: as an easy and quick solution for development. Installing AMP on the Ubuntu Desktop is like having a real LAMP server only with the overhead of the Desktop. I have used XAMPP for Linux as I was just starting out running code locally. It is a pretty safe solution as it will not interfere with your OS. Just unzip and start as per the in