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Bootstrap a simple php mysql blog

Yesterday I watched below youtube playlist by PHPAcademy on the twitter bootstrap CSS framework.

It caught my attention as in my job I will be working with the bootstrap CSS framework quite a bit. At the same time, I still had this unfinished blog script I coded in PHP and MySQL. Actually, I have many different unfinished versions of it :-). I figured it would be nice to build a live proof of concept blog using bootstrap on top off this simple blog script. And so I did. It can be found here:
I also made a video of the blog where you can also see the backend where you can add and edit posts. Check out the video below.

One of the nice things about working with the bootstrap CSS framework is that the layout of the site adjusts to the device it is viewed on. That is if you make use of the bootstrap Responsive plugin. Just make the browser window width smaller and the simple cupcake blog should adjust according to the screen real estate available. For…