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Perl, why not!?

An example Hello world program, written in Perl and displayed with GTK+ 2. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)So as said I am learning PHP and Python as serverside scripting languages. But why not learn Perl as well? I've been looking into Perl more seriously for the last few weeks. It seems to me that it has a lot to offer.

Using Mason for instance it is possible to develop webapplications that run on apache and allow for embedding of Perl code inside html similar to PHP. However, unlike PHP, Perl has extensive support for GUI desktop development using WxWidgets, GTK or other toolkits. There is PHP-GTK, but it does not really seem to be actively developed and used. I hope this will change though. Perl can be used for all other kinds of automation tasks. CPAN is full of modules to extend functionality, like PEAR on PHP or Libraries on Python. And especially for trading / financial analysis there are many helpfull Perl toolkits available, like Genius Trader, TA-Libs and many other modules fo…