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Transform a spreadsheet into a localization xml file using python

Some time ago a customer at my work provided descriptions of some sort of article codes in the form of a spreadsheet. We needed to transform the information into a localization file in xml format. I don't really remember how I did this at that time. I believe I used some text editor and did some string replacements. I figured it would be a one time thing, so why automate. Now, last week a colleague started working on a new project for this client and it turns out he needs to build again new localization files.

So I figured a script that would automate the transformation would be nice to have, fun to write and good practice.

First we need to export the spreadsheet as a csv file (UTF-8 encoded) and call it input.csv. I use LibreOffice to do this.

We will run the python script from the same directory as the input file.
This will result in the output.xml file.

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Algo Trading with python

I currently back test trading strategies in Python using the Pandas and Matplotlib libraries. I mainly trade Forex and CFDs with Oanda. I am working on a framework that will allow me to back test and trade using the same event driven implementation. If you wanna stay informed on what I am working on then be sure to:subscribe to my maillist here. One of the practical goals in my education plan is:
Develop programming skills that will aid in my trading I believe trading to be more art then science. Still back testing rule based strategies is necessary, but it is a lot of work if you do this manually.  And that's where programming comes in handy. Also monitoring markets and signal creation is something that I would want to automate.

So last Friday I registered for Jev Kuznetsov's Trading with python course. I have been keeping an eye on Jev's blog for some time know, as he seems to be doing exactly what I intend to be doing. And that is: back testing trading strategies algorit…