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A simple website monitor in python

English: Python powered logo with print("Hello, world!)" type. (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) In my day job I monitor many many websites. Some very smart people within the company I work for have build a pretty advanced monitoring system for our websites, that together with the appropriate plug-in on the website allow for very detailed website status information. Without this tool my job would be out of control. I guess every website owner has a need for monitoring website statuses. It does not matter if you run websites yourself or if you subscribed to a SaaS solution. I my self have some self hosted websites that I like to keep track of. So some time ago I wrote a little bash script that does exactly this. Bash works great for one or more sites, that need reporting to one group of people / email addresses. However if you want a different set of sites to have their status reported to a different group of people, then with the bash script I wrote you would need to run