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Building wealth investing in indices

I have been researching strategies to invest money for my retirement in a smart way, that does not take a lot of time and does not keep me up at night. After many, maybe hundreds of hours I finally came up with a very simple strategy. In this video I show you what my back tests are showing. I am working on an e-book in which I will explain in detail how the strategy can work for you and how I use it to build up wealth of my own. Let me know in a comment if you are interested in the e-book. It will motivate me to get it out sooner rather than later. Why invest This is an important question. Investing will take consistent effort and risk taking, so you better have a very good reason for doing it. Sure, you can let someone else manage your money and be done with it. But then consider why they are doing this. What thrives them is something entirely different from what thrives you. Money managers want to keep your money invested at all times, as they get paid fees on money invested,