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How to run and install Ubuntu from a live usb drive

Running and installing from USB So once you have got Ubuntu on your live usb drive , you are ready to boot your computer with it. In this article I will go through the process of booting your computer or laptop from a live Ubuntu usb stick and installing Ubuntu on your machine. Let's go! Setting up the bios first If you are booting from a DVD you will probably not have to make any of these changes that I will discuss. Most computers with DVD-players will have the DVD-player set as the first boot device. This means that every time you turn on your computer it will look first for a boot loader on the DVD player. If none is found it will check your hard drive and it will boot from there. Checking the usb drive for a boot loader will usually be disabled as usb drive have a higher risk of transmitting viruses that install at boot time, etc. Therefore, in order to boot from the USB stick you have created, you will enable this in the bios settings of your computer. Explanations of terms u

How to get Ubuntu on your computer or laptop

Ubuntu on my computer In this article I will guide you in getting Ubuntu running on your computer and a way that switching to Ubuntu is easy and that you will feel comfortable doing so. There are different ways you can run Ubuntu on your laptop of pc. The two basic ones are: Run it Live This means Ubuntu will run on your system without being installed and without making any changes to your current system. This is great to test Ubuntu or to us it to recover information from a broken system for instance. Run it Installed Ubuntu can either replace your current system entirely, or it could be installed next to your current system, so you can switch between them (dual boot). Getting Ubuntu First let's see how we can get out copy of Ubuntu. We will be getting the standard image, that will allow you to boot into a live running Ubuntu system with the option to install it as well. Check out this video that explains the whole process: Go to Somewhere it should s

10 reasons why you should use Ubuntu

Ten reasons to use Ubuntu When I tell people all of my personal computers run on Ubuntu Linux, most people know what I am talking about. Some of them then ask me: why? Aren't the other existing systems any good. Well, the truth is, they are good and in some ways, they are very good. But there is more to an operation system, then it being technically good. As our world, or at least my world is becoming more and more dependent on computer and software for it's every day functioning there are other reasons to consider when choosing the software you use to do your everyday stuff, like shopping and online banking. So here are the 10 reasons why I use Ubuntu on all my personal computers: It's free Not only is Ubuntu Linux offered for download free of charge, but more importantly, the licenses the the software is distributed under, makes sure that the software will always remain free for everyone to use and share. This means no-one or no company can build upon the sof

How I trade: trading concepts to profit from the markets

A money-making machine? By asking what people want to learn from me, it became clear to me that I should continue the getting started trading series by showing how I trade myself and how I produced my trading results. I am talking about trading here, not investing. Investing can take a completely different approach from trading, like buying stocks for their cash flow (from dividends and selling option premiums for example) or real estate for the cash flow (from rent) instead of (only) for the capital gain of the asset. Trading is about buying low and selling high, but also about selling high and buying back lower. This is something I do actively. If you are more into investing, then stick around as well. Many of the trading principles that I will discuss also apply to investing. And nowadays to be a successful investor it helps to approach investing like a trader. I believe buy and hold is a dead strategy. Trading the way I do is at the other end of the spectrum, but it will

Find trading ideas and educate yourself

Find good trading Ideas This is article six of the getting started trading series. I have hopefully introduced you enough in the subject of trading and investing, that you can start to make some choices on how you would like to go about trading based upon what fits you, your personality and lifestyle. I could jump in right now and start explaining how I trade, but instead, I will first give you some pointers ad to where I got my trading ideas and how I educate my self. I hope it will inspire you to find your own way and hopefully, my future articles/lessons will help you educate yourself and give you plenty of ideas.