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Keeping my cryptos secure with the Ledger Nano S

I just received the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet. As my crypto portfolio is growing I thought it was time to buy a hardware wallet. I will make some follow up videos on how I set it up. Ledger Nano S unboxed: read the "Did you notice? message Ledger Nano attestation security demo The Ledger Nano S came packaged without a seal and just had some foil rapping. If you watched my video you know I was a bit suprised about that. But all was soon cleared up as I opened the packaging and read the "Dit you notice?" message. Here is the video I mention and that explains how your Ledger Nano S is verified each time you connect it. Link to learn more about genuine Ledgerwallets: Making the Ledger Nano S connect on Ubuntu Setting up de Nano S is easy. I just followed the instructions on screen and I looked at . After setup was done I tried to connect the Nano S to the browser wallet, but it did n