How to Put on a Hakama - How to Wear a Hakama

How to Put on a Hakama
How to Put on a Hakama
Knowing how to put on a hakama properly is essential. One of the most common issues while practicing Aikido is that your hakama will slide. Especially if you practice a lot of Suwari Waza (moving around on your knees), you need to make sure your hakama is firmly tied.

I will give you some tips/directions that will ensure you can tie your hakama much better regardless of how you tie it.
It is difficult to explain in writing how to wear a hakama, so I will add some relevant videos that explain visually how to do it. Still reading the tips below, will get you halfway there.

How to Put on Your Belt Correctly

Your hakama will be hanging on your belt or obi. Therefore your belt is the foundation of a structure you are building. So take care of the following when putting on your belt:
  • Make sure the belt is resting on the hip and not above it.
  • Make an eight knot at the front.
  • Put the extended straps over the belt and then down.
  • Or put the straps flat to the side.
Three ways to put on a Hakama

How to Put on a Hakama With Precision and Finesse

Then when you get to put on your hakama make sure you handle the straps of the hakama with precision and finesse. This is much like how you would execute an Aikido technique. So you can consider the putting on of the hakama as part of the Aikido practice.

Precision and finesse mean that you should make sure that the straps are always flat and not twisted. Also, you will need to take care that there is enough tension on the straps after you tied them up.

Three ways to put on your hakama

There are many different ways to put on a hakama, but basically, there are two main styles:
  • The first one is that you start to tie the back.
  • And the second one is that you start to tie the front.
However, there is a third one that I know of. In the below video, this Aikidoka shows how to put on a hakama in a way that combines tying of the back with the front in one go. This results in a very firmly tied hakama, that will not come off while practicing.
Tying the back of the hakama with the front straps

Make a bow tie

So once you are done putting on your hakama, you may find yourself with some straps that are pretty long. These can become a hassle especially when you are doing groundwork - Suwari Waza. In this case, you can make bow ties of these straps by zigzagging one of the straps and then wrapping it with the other one around the part of the strap that is already tied.

Tuck in the sides

If you find yourself constantly stepping onto the bottom of your hakama as you get up after falling, then this may mean your hakama is a bit too long. There is nothing you can do about this while you are practicing.

To minimize the change of stepping onto your hakama and causing it to come to lose, you may want to tuck in the sides of your hakama into your belt as you perform certain exercises.

Another Way to Tie a Hakama

There must be a million ways to tie a Hakama. I just found another one that is explained in the below video.