Screenshot of part of my investment portfolio
Screenshot of part of my investment portfolio
trade mainly currencies, but I only hold a small portion of my savings in currencies as I believe that all fiat currencies will eventually lose their value due to inflation.

If I keep savings at the bank, then I will certainly lose on my savings in the long run. Therefore I only hold short-term savings at a bank. These are savings I keep for expenditures such as holidays, house maintenance, tuition fees, etc. These are expenditures, that I know are coming. Besides that, I also hold savings at a bank for known unknown expenditures and emergencies.

invest my long-term savings in:
  • stocks
  • precious metals
  • cryptocurrencies

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Investing in Stocks

As an investor I invest in two kinds of stocks:
  • Dividend stocks
    These are blue-chip stocks that I intend to never sell and that pay me dividends. I will reinvest these dividends to grow my portfolio.
  • Growth stocks
    These are stocks of new companies that have the potential to grow their revenue as they are breaking into new markets with a lot of growth potential. These companies typically do not pay dividends as they reinvest all of the profits in growing the business. I hope to grow my portfolio as the value of these companies increases over time.
I use Trading212 as my broker for trading and investing. If you want to get a free stock share worth up to €100, then create a Trading 212 Invest account using this link and we both get a free share!

Investing in Precious Metals

I hold some long-term savings I have in the form of precious metals.
To read more on Why I buy Gold and Silver, please see this post.

Gold and Silver have been a store of value for thousands of years. Fiat currency may be government money, but Silver is Gentlemen's money and Gold is God's money. Gold and Silver have proven to store value throughout history.

I do not keep Gold and Silver at home, because of the security risk. And I also do not keep my precious metals in safety deposit boxes in banks, because these are not accessible at all times and are not insured.

Hold your Gold and Silver fully insured in a Swiss vault.

You can do this through GoldMoney that acts as a custodian. Follow the link to get your own holding account.

An alternative to GoldMoney is BullionVault.
Also, many local bullion dealers will offer vaulting services.

Investing in Cryptocurrencies

I also hold, or HODL cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are incredibly volatile. I believe that in the long run, a small holding of Bitcoin and other coins can have the potential to grow into a significant holding. I see it as insurance against another potential failure of the financial system as we know it.

Averaging in

I use Coinbase to buy Crypto
I use Coinbase to buy Crypto
Because cryptocurrencies are so volatile, I rather not try to time the market. Instead, I buy a fixed amount in Euro every week. This is known as averaging in. I do this via Coinbase. At Coinbase I have set up weekly recurring buys. It is all automated. Every now and then I transfer crypto from my Coinbase wallet to my Ledger hardware wallet.

Read this post to learn three ways to automatically buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.


I have outlined some of the most useful resources I use for trading, investing and saving my self. I hope it is helpful. Links on this site can be affiliate links. If you use them to open an account or buy something, then I might receive a commission. This is at no additional cost to you. If you have any questions about these resources or the site itself feel free to get in contact with me.

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